Ålesund – Art Nouveau capital

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Ålesund is a beautiful fishery town on the western coast of Norway. It is famous for its architecture, the Art Nouveau, after a terrible fire burned down most of the town. It is built on several islands surrounded by the … Read More

Nordkapp – The North Cape

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The North Cape Horn has always been an important place for sailors, named by an English commander in the 16th century. Many notable persons have come to this enigmatic place, the most northern tip of the European continent – these … Read More

Tromsø – Arctic city

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Tromsø is widely considered as the capital of the Norwegian Arctic. The saying goes that the polar bears area walking around downtown – however, that is just a myth. During winter time, hords of tourists come to the city to … Read More

Buer valley – Odda

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Buerdalen – Buer valley – is one of the most stunning valleys in Norway that take you to the Folgefonna glacier on the top. The Buer valley is easily walkable for everyone and it is becoming a must seen spot … Read More


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Trondheim is considered the city of kings. Since the 11th century, the city was the place where the kings got crowned in the majestical Nidarosdom Cathedral built in the honor of Saint Olav. Actually, it is the northermost cathedral in … Read More