Molde – City of Roses

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Molde offers tourists beautiful sights around the city, from the harbor to the Varden panorama. The city lies at the amazing Moldefjord, on the northwestern coast of Norway, and has been an important fishery town for centuries. In the summer, … Read More

Lillehammer – Olympic City

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Lillehammer is an authentic beautiful town in the Norwegian mountains. It is famous worldwide for the Winter Olympic Games in 1994. The amazing 19th century wooden houses are ranged along the main street, with local shops and small boutiques. The … Read More

Ålesund – Art Nouveau capital

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Ålesund is a beautiful fishery town on the western coast of Norway. It is famous for its architecture, the Art Nouveau, after a terrible fire burned down most of the town. It is built on several islands surrounded by the … Read More

Nordkapp – The North Cape

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The North Cape Horn has always been an important place for sailors, named by an English commander in the 16th century. Many notable persons have come to this enigmatic place, the most northern tip of the European continent – these … Read More

Tromsø – Arctic city

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Tromsø is widely considered as the capital of the Norwegian Arctic. The saying goes that the polar bears area walking around downtown – however, that is just a myth. During winter time, hords of tourists come to the city to … Read More

Buer valley – Odda

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Buerdalen – Buer valley – is one of the most stunning valleys in Norway that take you to the Folgefonna glacier on the top. The Buer valley is easily walkable for everyone and it is becoming a must seen spot … Read More


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Trondheim is considered the city of kings. Since the 11th century, the city was the place where the kings got crowned in the majestical Nidarosdom Cathedral built in the honor of Saint Olav. Actually, it is the northermost cathedral in … Read More


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Folgefonna glacier offers an unique experience for all ages. Located near the city of Odda, the glacier can be accessed after a few hours hike from the fjord through multiple routes. The views are amazing with a totally white landscape … Read More


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This beautiful island north of Norway offers unique experiences to its travelers. Untouched fjords and valleys cover the island, and there is always something new to discover in this wild nature. We offer guided trips for everyone at all season … Read More

Svolværgeita – Svolværgoat

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Next to the city of Svolvær on the eastern part of the Lofoten Archipelago, lies the unique rock formation called the Svolværgoat. Shaped as a stone tower with two stone pillars on the top, it represents a goat in the … Read More

Lysefjord kayak trip

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Kayak is just so much fun. Not only is it physical activity but the closeness to the sea is just an amazing thrill. Our trips at Lysefjord range from day trip to several days. Starting from Forsand, you can paddle … Read More

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis – is a stunning light phenomenon that takes place in the Northern Hemispheres. Norway is so lucky to have great northern lights occurring between December and March every year, at night time. Check out … Read More

Lofoten archipelago

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Lofoten offers you the best of Norway in a nutshell. Not only does it have beautiful fjords, but also steep mountains, very friendly people, amazing gastronomy. Everyone needs to see this at least once in their lifetime. Do you wanna … Read More

Tromsø – summertime hotspot

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Tromsø offers great sightseeing activities during the summer – don’t miss the midnight sun! As the most northern city in Norway, it is based on a rich history of the fishing industry – which includes the whale hunting for instance. Recent activity … Read More

Experience Flåm

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Between almost inaccessible mountains for centuries, Flåm offers a unique experience of the relationship between sea and mountains in Norway.