Tromsø – summertime hotspot

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Tromsø offers great sightseeing activities during the summer – don’t miss the midnight sun!

As the most northern city in Norway, it is based on a rich history of the fishing industry – which includes the whale hunting for instance. Recent activity would suggest that the will be oil and gas activity in this arctic climate, but lately environmenta; groups have heavily supported a safe-keeping of the area.

The area has been populated long before the Europeans came at the end of the ice age 10,000 years ago by the Sami people. Later on in 16th century, Finnish settlers came and started cultivating the land. As of today, fishing is the major industry in Tromsø and its surroundings.

Several activities are offered – such as kayaking, fishing, whale safari, trekking, surfing, fjord sight seeing, glacier walking, swimming at the Telegrafbukta beach, etc.

Tromsø is famous for its Ice cathedral – Ishavskatedralen – and many other modern churches. You can visit the Polar Museum, Norwegian Art Museum, the Mack Brewery, Arctic Botanical Garden, and the phenomenal midnight sun.

During the months of May to August, the midnight sun will illuminate the Arctic North for 3 months straight. Literally, the sun doesn’t go down due to Tromsø’s location above the Arctic circle. This is an experience not to miss.

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