Tromsø – Arctic city

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Tromsø is widely considered as the capital of the Norwegian Arctic.

The saying goes that the polar bears area walking around downtown – however, that is just a myth.

During winter time, hords of tourists come to the city to experience and look for the northern lights – aurora borealis. Ths light phenomenon happens during specific weather conditions and literally lights up the sky at nighttime.

The experience and sight is unique – even to local Norwegians.

Our activities cover cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, Alpine skiing, reindeer sledding and much more. We offer arctic cruises between the Norwegian cities as Bergen and Tromdheim.

For film enthusiats, there is the Tromsø film festival that is launched each year in the month of January.

There is the Northern Lights festival in the last week of January – which is definitively worth the while.

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