Here is a list of our most frequent Q&A in the last 5 years:

Question: When to see the Northern Lights?

Answer: The best time to observe the northern Lights is from December to March.


Question: When to see the Midnight Sun?

Answer: The best time to experience the Midnight sun is from May to August.


Where can I see the trolls?

Unfortunately they will only be available in prints. Head to your local souvenir shop to get your troll.


Can I feed the trolls?

You could tell them stories but they might not respond.


Is Norway safe?

Answer: Norway is very safe as compared to other western countries like the USA.


What to do to stay safe?

Stay with your local guide, people you know and those that provide services. If you feel endangered at any instance, please reach out to the nearest person.


Someone stole my passport, what can I do?

You should report right of way to the US embassy/consulate about your loss. They will issue you with an emergency passport that you can use.


Can I ask random people on the street for help?

Definitively, at any time.


With what language can I communicate with the Norwegian?

Both Norwegian and English can be communicated with. Most Norwegians will be able to talk and understand English at a decent level.